Using KPIs to Sell

What Key Performance Indicators do your customers use to manage their business?  Have you asked?  What KPIs is your company uniquely able to impact best?  Do you know?  

Sure, different companies and different people will give you different answers, but you’d be surprised how much consistency you’ll find around the important KPIs across companies, and therefore where you focus your early learning and storytelling.

Along with key business drivers (such as initiative or pain points), understanding what KPIs and metrics your customer is focused on is an essential part of selling value.  Find the overlap with the KPIs your product or solution typically impacts – hopefully in some unique, differentiated, and even surprising way. 

What IT organization or leader wouldn’t like to improve Availability or Cost or Application Performance?  What Sales VP doesn’t aim for shorter sales cycles or higher sales prices?  Have you met a senior marketing person who isn’t always thinking about more and better leads?

We have a fundamental problem with the idea that there are – or even could be - hundreds if not thousands of KPIs.  The first word in the name itself gives you a hint: KEY.  Key means important, essential or fundamental.  Not all.  There are only a very limited number of KPIs to which all other benefits eventually roll up to.  We believe that effective sales tools and solutions should help sales people speak the customer’s language, not the other way around.  

Depending on what you sell, can you speak intelligently about how – and by how much - your solution typically improves Application Performance or IT Cost?  Average Sales Price or Sales Cycle Time?   First Call Resolution or Customer Satisfaction?  Number of Leads or Lead Quality?  Product Release Times or Software Quality? Etc.

In our simple, quick, powerful app we’ll show you how to do this.  Come give GetMyROI a spin